Send & Receive Large Files

Documents / Presentations

Drawings / Programs

Videos / Photos

File Bucket allows you to send large files by email. Using the FileBucket Microsoft Outlook addin you can attach and exchange large files by email.

  • Work in Outlook as you normally would, FileBucket is transparent to the end user.
  • No need to setup usernames and passwords or signup to any websites.
  • Request others to send you any number of large files.
  • Get notified when files are downloaded.
  • FileBucket itemises each attachment and provides a single click download.
  • Send large files and avoid mail server limitations and non delivery reports.
  • Transfers are fault tolerant meaning if the connection breaks your upload remains in tact.
  • File Bucket uses standard ports so there is no need to mess with firewall settings or make any security compromises to your system.

Use FileBucket today to send and receive large emails without restrictions.

With FileBucket you can email large photos or videos to friends, email drawings to subcontractors or large presentations or graphics to the office. Get notified when the recipient downloads the files and be reassured the files have been received.

Perfect for companies who want to retain their own branding and identity. Lifts the limitations of email servers in order to send large files.